Sponsorship & Exhibition Opportunities

“Middle East Pipeline Summit” is an opportunity to join the conversation, influence and connect with the decision-makers operating some diverse range of facilities in the region.

The Summit will give your Company:
  • An opportunity to achieve face to face interaction with industry leaders
  • A platform to initiate new business relationships and diversifying your product range
  • A chance to contribute to interactive roundtables with your peers and deliberate key topics most relevant to you

Who Should Sponsor

Acoustic Noise Loggers

Advancement in Pipe Coating Application Technology

Anti-Corrosion, Heat Insulation, Fireproof Material related New Technology & Products

Compressor, Pipe Pump, Valve, Measuring Instrument related Storage & Station Equipment

Customer Meters & Meter Readers

Data Acquisition Equipment

Data Loggers

Data Management Equipment

Drone Manufacturers

Excavation and Trenchless Technology Providers

Fiber Reinforced Plastics, Rubber, PE, PVC, CPVE Tubes

Field Inspection Solutions

Field Joint Coatings

Fire-Fighting Warning Equipment & HSE Related Products

Flow Meters Manufacturers

Generating Unit Related Power Machinery Equipment

GIS Solution Providers

HDD Pipeline Coatings

High Temperature & LAT FBE Pipeline Coatings

HSE related Products

Leak Detection Contractors

Leak Detection Equipment Manufacturers

Liquid Rehabilitation Pipeline Coatings

Mainline and Field Joint Coating Failures & Solutions

Network Modelling Equipment

Offshore Pipeline Coatings

Offshore Pipeline Station Equipment & other Receiving Devices

Onshore Pipeline Coatings

Optical-fiber, Optical Cable, Electrical Cable, UPS Switch Cabinet related Electrical Equipment

Pipe Fabrication, Pipe Layer, Excavating related Pipeline Construction Equipment

Pipe Inspection and Condition Assessment (External/internal)

Pipe Location Specialists

Pipe Repair Technologies

Pipeline Coating Repair Solutions

Pipeline Inspection, Detecting Instrument & Equipment, Cleaning Equipment & Materials

Pipeline Internal Coatings

Pipeline Maintenance and Emergence Repair, Pipeline Repair related Equipment and Materials

Pipeline Steel, Pressure Vessel, Storage Tank, Steel Tube Manufacturers

Pipeline Welding, Cutting Equipment & Welding materials

Pressure Reduction Valves Manufacturers

Pump Suppliers

Quality Control & Inspection of Pipeline Coatings

Receiving Devices Equipment & other Special Vehicles in LNG Station

Satellite Technology for Asset Location & Management

SCADA System, Safety Warning System, GIS, MIS related IT Managerial System

Security Solutions

Thermal Imaging / Radar Technologies

Tube machine, Equipment, Machine unit & Accessories

Valve Suppliers

With extensive Exhibiting and Sponsorship options, packages can be tailor made to suit your Company’s objective.

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