Event Overview

Over the last decade, Chile has surpassed its competition and is now known for the adoption and introduction of advanced technologies and digital evolution in mining, leading to increased efficiency and minimal depletion. The future of IT and technological advancements in the mining sector is on a progressive rise and has transformed into a critical necessity for the future evolution and sustainability of mining in Latin America and globally.

The mining industry in Latin America has successfully adapted to digital transformation to harness the power of data, information and analytical developments to attain a competitive edge and seize the opportunity by adopting new strategies in business and operating models while embracing digital tools and capabilities, like artificial intelligence, cloud-enabled mobility, big data-powered analytics, the Internet of Things (IoT) and much more.

After the grand success of the 2nd Annual LatAm IT & Technology in Mining Conference 2018, White Paper Summits is proud to announce the “3rd Annual LatAm IT & Technology in Mining Conference”, scheduled to be held on 16-17 May 2019 in Santiago, Chile. The Summit will be the ideal platform to bring together various influencers from mining companies, research institutions and the IT industry to focus on sharing the current market trends, technological advancements and future challenges in IT and technology to enhance IT & Digital Transformation in the Latin American mining sector.

Key Highlights

  • Exploring Challenges and Opportunities in Mining and Technology
  • Encouraging Digital Transformation in Latin America Mining Industry
  • Adapting to Innovation and Technologies in Smart Mining Applications
  • Increasing Productivity and Efficiency in Mining through Big Data Analytics
  • Integration of IT, Telecommunication and Automation in Mining
  • Seeking New Advancements in Sustainable Mining

Digital Transformation in Mining

  • Advances in digital technology could transform mining and metals as an industry and at the enterprise level especially in Latin America with mining companies being encouraged to adopt smart and sustainable mining.
  • Within the mining and metals industry, digitalization will be a force that changes the nature of from mineral exploration and valuation, through mining, ore processing and metals production, to downstream sales and distribution at every step of the value chain.
  • Digitalization could generate More than $425 billion of value for the industry, customers, society and environment over the next 10 years (to 2025) globally. This is the equivalent of 3-4% of industry revenue during the same period.
  • Implementing various digital technologies in mining sector will cause reduction of 610 million tons of CO2 emissions, with an estimated value to society and environment of $30 billion and an improvement in safety, with around numerous lives saved and injuries avoided.
  • This conference would act as a platform for all the stakeholders to have open discussions regarding upcoming developments in IT and Technology in Mining in Latin America.

Why Chile?

Chile is a global leader in the Mining Sector, with world-class operations.

  • Mining is responsible for 14.2% of Chile’s GDP in 2012 and nearly 57% of exports were concentrated in this industry. It is present in 13 of the 15 regions of the country, and extracts 25 different products.
  • Chile accounts for 30% of the global market share in copper production also Chile is also a major supplier of molybdenum, gold, and silver.
  • Chile is also a relevant supplier of non-metallic minerals such as iodine, lithium, sodium and potassium nitrate.
  • The strength of the Chilean mining is due to massive geological resources, highly qualified professionals and technician’s and adequate infrastructure which needs to be updated with time as mining industry is going through intense phase of digital transformation.